We are carrying out following works:
- dredging and maintenance of the fairways
- artificial beach nourishment
- land reclamation under industrial and municipal development within harbour areas
- placing pipelines and other utilities on the seabed
We are using following vessels:
- trailing suction hopper dredgers
- cutter suction dredgers
- backhoes
- floating grab cranes
- suction dredgers
- multipurpose vessels
- rock dumping barges
- pontoons and tugs.
Implementation of dredging works fosters a development of additional technologies aiming
to preparation of preliminary shaped terrains under next investments. Soil consolidation
achieved by means of vertical drains or a combination of vertical and horizontal ones can
be a next stage of the investment, whereas a final stage which means forming an ultimate
shape of terrain is obtained by means of installation of PVC sheet pile wall or creation of
coast armour like rock mound for instance. Harbour quays, piers and coasts created in this
way give a special charm to these area.
Entire activities related to maritime constructions require cooperation of many speciallist
companies or one huge company having at command proper technologies. Boskalis
Polska Sp. z o.o., thanks to operating within an international group of Boskalis b.v. is a fine
example of such company, which having the latest technologies in this scope, can carry
out the works on land and offshore. A possibility to use heavy equipment, including heavy
duty transport vessels and caterpillar-wheeled equipemnt, pile-driving devices, stitchers
and speciallist installation devices allows us to undertake turnkey projects.
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