Thanks to close sooperation with SMIT, we can provide towage services that are split into two
- harbour towage
- terminal services
Harbour towage
SMIT Harbour Towage provides assistance to incoming and outgoing ships in the world’s
biggest ports, such as ro-ro vessels, oil and chemical tankers, container ships, refrigerated
cargo ships and general cargo carriers. Countries where SMIT Harbour Towage operates
include the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Singapore,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Australia. The company has a versatile fleet
of over 200 tug boats.
These services are operated by:
Terminal services
Smit Lamnalco provides a comprehensive service package for the management of onshore
and offshore terminals. These services are centred around assistance to incoming and
outgoing oil and gas tankers.
Supporting activities include:
- berthing and unberthing of vessels,
- pilotage services,
- subsea inspection,
- repair and maintenance (IRM),
- coupling and uncoupling of terminal connections,
- firefighting,
- escorting,
- crew and cargo transportation,
- the operation of bunker vessels.
These services are provided by:
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