Following the integration of SMIT, Dockwise and Fairmount, Boskalis is very well-equipped to
supply global clients in the offshore energy sector. We support the activities of the international
energy sector. This includes oil and gas companies and providers of renewable energy such as
wind power.
Our activities include:
- subsea contracting - construction of energy-related subsea infrastructure,
- subsea services - for subsea infrastructure,
- installation - of offshore production platforms,
- transport - maritime transport of offshore production platforms,
- logistical management - for the transport of modules for the construction of industrial
We are involved in development, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of:
- oil and LNG import /export facilities,
- offshore platforms,
- pipelines and cables,
- offshore wind farms.
Subsea contracting
Boskalis Offshore is global market leader in designing and executing earthmoving activities for
offshore works. The company focuses on the oil and gas market segment. Boskalis Offshore
has the ability to perform these activities at great depths (up to 1,000 metres). They include:
- pipeline intervention,
- platform and wellhead intervention,
- landfalls and shore approaches,
- decommissioning and cable intervention.
These services are provided by:
Subsea services
Our subsea services consist of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM). We deploy divers,
ROVs and Diving Support Vessels to our activities. We carry out inspection, repair and
maintenance of following offshore structures:
- jackets and monopiles,
- subsea structures,
- pipelines
as well as inshore ones:
- quay walls, jetties and buoys,
- locks, dams, weirs and pumping stations,
- harbour infrastructure.
In addition, we replace anodes and ensure corrosion prevention system for quaywalls, jettys,
piles, platforms, as well as all other steel constructions.
These services are provided by:
We offer clients an integrated package on the basis of Transport, Logistics and Installation
(TL&I). Our Installation activities bring together various fields of expertise to create
comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements
of our clients.
All our endeavors are based on maintaining close contact with our clients. We work to maintain
a consistently high level of service to create a mutually beneficial and productive working
The package is brought to you by:
The transport solutions we offer include:
- ocean transportation of extremely large and heavy structures,
- ocean towage,
- charter of anchor handling tugs, barges and sheerlegs.
Boskalis subsidiary Dockwise is the global market leader in the ocean transportation
of extremely large and heavy structures. When it comes to transporting valuable cargo,
Dockwise has your customized transportation solution. We operate the industry’s largest
and most versatile fleet of semi-submersible heavy lift vessels.
We provide services for the following cargo:
- offshore drilling rigs,
- offshore production structures: e.g. TLPs, semis, spars, FPSOs,
- port & Marine equipment: e.g. dredging equipment, lift boats, cranes, barges,
- modules for onshore industrial projects: e.g., LNG, mining, power, desalination, military
equipment & vessels.
The benefits of using Dockwise as your contractor of choice for Heavy Marine Transport are:
- expertise and proven track record of over 30 years,
- carrying capacity up to 117,000 DWT,
- flexibility due to a versatile fleet,
- on-time delivery,
- execution in line with high safety standards,
- in-house engineering, procurement and project management.
Ocean transport is provided by:
Through our subsidiary Fairmount Marine we provide worldwide ocean towage services for
floating objects such as FPSOs and semi-submersible production platforms.
We work with a fleet of five powerful long distance towing vessels over 200 tonnes bollard pull.
The five sister vessels are renowned for their unequalled performance in long distance ocean
We are able to offer our customers a full range of transportation and towage services with this
state-of the art, modern fleet of tugs and semi-submersible barges.
Ocean towage is provided by:
Logistical management
Logistical management involves the transport of modules for the construction of industrial
installations at remote locations. We take care of the complete project management of both the
offshore and onshore logistics and transport of the modules to a single production location.
This turn-key solution covers all facets for modular project transportation and offers unrivalled
cost and scheduled certainty, cargo security, and transportation flexibility our clients demand.
We plan, manage, and execute the logistics chain from multiple fabrication facilities all over the
world to ensure timely delivery of modules all in a single contract. Our specialized fleet coupled
with in-house capabilities enables us to improve total project efficiency and reduce interface
associated risks, resulting in schedule optimization and project savings for our clients.
Early project involvement allows us to ensure that a client’s requirements for interchangeability
and flexibility are met.
The benefits of using our turn-key approach for modular transportation include:
- reduction of overall schedule risk
- certainty of dedicated project vessels
- no future project cost increase thanks to lump sum contracting
- one single partner for all aspects of modular transportation
- in-house engineering, procurement, risk, project and interface management capabilities
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