By the colaboration with SMIT Salvage we can be involved in:
- emergency response,
- salvage,
- wreck removal.
SMIT Salvage is on standby day and night to assist ships in danger anywhere in the world,
be they ships that have lost their steering, ships at risk of running aground or ships involved
in an accident.
At any time SMIT can respond immediately to an emergency from four global strategic
locations (Rotterdam, Kaapstad, Singapore and Houston) and mobilise highly qualified staff
and salvage equipment.
Wreck removal
SMIT Salvage is also involved in wreck removal. This is necessary for wrecks which form
an obstruction to traffic or present an environmental hazard. Also, in the case where wrecks
do not obstruct traffic,
customers increasingly opt for the removal of a ship’s possibly hazardous cargo.
SMIT possesses the technology and expertise needed to remove pollutants such as fuel oil
from a wreck.
Salvage services are provided by:
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